A special spontaneous mid week version of the member profile today.


BRC’s Grainne Hallahan is sadly moving away.


She is only moving up the A12 and we will no doubt see her at cross country.

From all of us here at BRC we wish you all the best for the future.

Don’t be a stranger, remember once a BRC member, always a member.


Here is her lovely and poignant profile.


1. Please Briefly introduce yourself.

I’m Grainne Hallahan and I’ve been a member of Brentwood Run Club since October 2018!

2. What events if any do you have coming up?

I’m doing the Brainathlon and running 15 miles over the week. And I’m also very excited about the return of Parkrun!

3. What does running mean to you?

I never even liked running! I would always joke that I would only run if I was being chased.

But, my friend Gemma was training for the marathon, so I went along to a Parkrun to run it with her for solidarity, and I just got the running bug too.

I swapped gym classes for running outdoors and just totally fell in love with the simplicity of being able to run outdoors, in the fresh air, and it felt amazing.

I loved being able to join Gemma for Parkruns, and she inspired me to keep running.

Sadly Gemma passed away in December 2018 from a brain tumour. I feel as if by continuing my running,

I’m keeping a special part of our friendship with me.

4. What is your best BRC memory?

My first cross country! It was a brilliant experience and I loved feeling part of a team and enjoyed the competitive part of it too.

5. Proudest running moment?

Getting my Brentwood Parkrun PB thanks to Vicky pacing me 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 she was an absolute star and it felt amazing.

6. Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given.

I wish I could say something really philosophical- but the best advice I’ve ever had is from Vicky and it was to imagine you’re pulling a rope to help you up the hills! It sounds silly but it works!

Once again, we wish you all the best for you and your family in the future and hope to see you again soon.




Hopefully everyone has received an email from Steve Birkett regarding our return to running.

The following is what we are currently as of today allowed to do.

For us to be able to run legally and safely the following has to be adhered to:

* run in groups of 6 (has to include a run leader)

* each runner has had to have filled their covid waiver and sent it back to club Secretary Ken

* be a current club member

* adhere to Social distancing

* pre book their club run with their respective group leader (done via WhatsApp)

* each group of 6 meets in a different location.

* don’t run if you have symptoms or are feeling unwell.

If anyone needs any new information please contact us or comment on here.

New member enquiries. Please email

We welcome new members, but due to covid rules you have got to be a club member to run with us and we can only run as many groups as we have qualified run leaders available.

However our membership is massively reduced currently.

Come May we can hopefully run in larger groups of up to 30 and more groups, which should be a game changer and almost a return to normality.

The Groups operating on a Wednesday will be:

· A group – 2 groups of 6, Terry Allen in charge. Sub 7 minute mile pace

· B Group – 2 groups of 6, Phil and Ben taking those out. Ben’s availability will depend on his shifts but he is ok this week. 7:30 – 8:15 pace

· C Group – 2 groups of 6, Chris and Mary taking those out. Only one group this week as Chris is not available until next week. 8:15 – 9:00 pace

· E Group – One group of 6 at present with Paul James in charge. About 10:00 pace

Phil Olson will also be taking out a Friday night Hills group, funnily enough on Friday

Lastly, remember we may be inspected by the covid police. So we have to be hot on our rules and regs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.



introducing the legend that is Ken Bench


1. Please briefly introduce yourself.

Ken Bench, I have been a member since 1992 (TGT and BRC). At my second AGM I not only found myself on the race committee, but the Race Secretary. This I did until 2007 and included both the 10k and the SEEXC at Thorndon Country Park. It was a steep learning curve which was overcome with the assistance of a long standing member of the club, Keith Waite, alas no longer with us.

2. What events if any do you have coming up?

Due to a recurring calf problem, I no longer run but compensate with long walks on the Essex footpaths. Involvement now is as a course marshal which keeps me in touch with the running community. I am patiently waiting for the Park Runs to return.

3. What does running mean to you?

Running gave me time to think. Problems which seemed insurmountable from behind a desk, shrank whilst out on the road. Many an issue has been solved by the time I had arrive home.

4. What is your best BRC memory?

There are many memories come to mind whilst away with the club. Breaking the ice during the “Tough Guy”, trying to keep upright in a gale on top of the cliffs in the “Grizzly” and almost flying whilst descending from the top in the “Snowdon Fell Race”. Being a Games Maker with other club members will always be up there. But my best memory is standing at the start of the Rheims Half Marathon, with other club members, in the pouring rain and watching steam rising from all the bodies.

5. Proudest running moment?

Despite having done a number of marathons, including the “Midnight Sun Marathon” at Tromso, my proudest moment has to be my very first, “London Marathon”. I found this exhilarating and satisfying after all the training and support from the club.

6. Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given.

Training should take the form of a saw tooth, gradually building up the intensity then easing off to rest. Resting is just as important as hard running. But don’t sit down, keep moving. Site-seeing after a city marathon is a great idea.



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