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Member profile- Tina Leung

Member profile. 💚💚💚

This Monday we are starting the week with our very own Tina Leung.

She in an integral part of the club and an inspiration to others.

We asked Tina 6 questions and these were her answers.

1. Briefly introduce yourself

My name is Tina Leung. I joined the Thrift Green Trotters (pre Brentwood Running Club) in October 2004. I joked after one of my friends asked me if I would like to run the London Marathon with her, after she saw that on TV.

Unfortunately, she didn’t even turn up for the first session, but I was hooked.

I have since run a few marathons, and lot of other bits and pieces, all and all.

I just love running.

2) What events, if any do you have coming up?

I have a terrible injury at the moment, Covid 19 didn’t help. I am happy just be able to walk a few miles every day, maybe with a little bit of jogging in between.

I only signed up for a few Virtual 5K, (can’t even do a 10K yet, but hopeful it won’t be long).

3) What does running mean to you?

It keeps me fit, helps me forget everything and relax. Allows me to sleep well at night and does me a lot of good.

4) What is your best BRC memory?

a) I was a Games maker through the club for the 2012 Olympics. We gate crashed the Olympic Stadium for Usain Bolt’s 100 m final.

b) Being a team member for the Spitfire Scramble. I was there only to make up the numbers, but with Jo’s organising, the good running and tactics from Marijke, Kat, Mary, Julie and Lorna, we came in 2nd.

However, I definitely don’t like camping.

c) Marathon drinks station, Prudential Ride London Feeding Hub, 10K, Cross country, Essex Way, Grizzly, and a lot more, it’s impossible to list them all.

5) Proudest running moment?

I am afraid it is not a running moment (only a third of it). I finished 151 out of 151 in a Tri- a Try. When you are a non cyclist and a non swimmer, it’s hard.

With the help from Barbara, Jackie and Shirley, they taught me how to cycle, and took me swimming nearly every week, to get me ready for the race.

I still think to swim 10 laps is harder than run 10 miles!

6) Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given?

If somethings not right, seek help early.

The reason my injury is taking so long to recover is because I left it too late.

I also had a lot of different treatments that die will work (according to the Physio).

I have to leave it to recover slowly and gradually.

But I was glad that he didn’t tell me that I can’t run.

Just enjoy.

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