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Member profile- The Goldstones

Today is our first ever joint profile.

long-standing BRC members, lovers of fancy dress and former social secretaries.

Baz and Bridget Goldstone

1. Please Briefly introduce yourself.

Baz & Bridget Goldstone ( I’m also known as “ The Dancing Queen “ ( Brian Harding will happily tell the story behind this one 😉).

We’ve been members of TGT ( now BRC ) since 1996 and for many years we were the Social Secretaries for the Club . In those days the club was much smaller and we were like one big family . It’s a credit that all these years later BRC is still a very friendly club welcoming people of all ages , size and abilities

2. What events if any do you have coming up?

We both completed the Lands End to John Ogroats Virtual Run to keep us running through last years lockdown ( 874 miles ) and because of restrictions have no planned events of our own .

However for the last 5 years we have been heavily involved with Suffolk County Council as lead coaches for the Outreach Programne which encourages inactive people of all ages to build exercise into their daily activities ....

many of previous years participants have been chronically obese or have had major health issues such as cancer or mental health issues . Subject to expected relaxation of covid restrictions we are both really excited to be leading the new programne starting in May and we will be taking 40 inactive people from couch to completing the Great East Run Half Marathon in September !

It’s just fabulous to see them turn their lives around.

3. What does running mean to you?

Running is a huge part of our lives; it keeps us fit and healthy , and helps us cope with the stress of lockdown ( in particular Bridget has had to shield through all the lockdowns because of her kidney transplant ).

Whilst our running is slower these days we are both proud to still be out there running and there is nothing we enjoy more than coaching beginners to start their running journey .... not only do we see them get physically fitter the biggest difference is seeing how their mental health improves and they emerge happier and more confident

We wouldn’t have all the fantastic friends we have if we didn’t run .... such a brilliant community where everyone supports everyone

4. What is your best BRC memory?

Oh we have so many ... we’ve had some great holidays abroad often running in 2 or 3 events .

Another great memory was a group of us running the Great South Run 10 miler dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs complete with boots and beards .

There were a few St Trinian girls too !

5. Proudest running moment?

For Bridget -

It has to be representing GB at the World Transplant Games on three different occasions and coming home with a gold , silver and Bronze medal.

For Baz -

I had been a football referee for many years so just running short distances so without a doubt my proudest running moments are those first ones that I started longer distances.

Because this is how Bridget and I became an item !

6. Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given.

The biggest thing stopping most people running is their own mind.

We have all been beginners and experienced those anxieties but managed to push through them.

Our biggest piece of advise would be to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Oh and to always have a SMILE on your face. It’s hard not to have fun and enjoy yourself if you are smiling 😊


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