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Member profile -Mary Lloyd

Mary Lloyd 💚💚💚

1. Please briefly introduce yourself.

I joined the club in July 2014, as a nonrunner. I started on the 13-week beginner program, and have been hooked ever since. I’m one of the LiRFs in C/D Group (fingers crossed that we will be back to groups soon). I have completed 11 marathons and 2 Ultras over the past 6 years, as well as various other races, including: - the Benfleet 15 (5 times), the Full Grizzly once, the Essex 20 and many half marathons and shorter races.

2. What events, if any do you have coming up?

I have many races that have been deferred, so trying to fit them in will be difficult (if they go ahead). I’m hoping that the Manchester and Dublin marathons go ahead as I would like to tick them off of my list. I’m especially looking forward to Dublin as many family members will be coming to support from Tipperary.

3. What does running mean to you?

I love running with friends and the hubby, just to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the surroundings, no matter what the weather. I never run with music, I like to listen to the world go by and chat to all manner of folk. The whole camaraderie at races and the craic at the club sessions on a Wednesday night are unbeatable. I’ve made so many lovely, lifelong friends since joining the club, friends I know that if I ever needed anything or just a chat, I could just pick the phone up. Whenever I book a holiday, the first thing I look at is, where can I run while there, it drives the kids mad! I started a running club at work as I wanted others to experience the joy of running for themselves, and it’s a great way to build relationships with your work colleagues.

4. What is your best BRC memory.

There have been so many, so I’ve tried to pick the top few. Being part of the ladies’ team at the Spitfire Scramble, the whole experience from the planning meetings, recceing the route, through to running the last lap with the lovely Marijke, was just phenomenal, Jo did a fantastic job organising the event and us ladies. The weekend down in Seaton running the full Grizzly also stands out as a favourite. I also love a bit of cross country.

Mike Kavanagh’s Sunday runs, especially the Brentwood to Epping run, which I look forward to during the summer. B

eing part of the Essex Way Relay, being a pacer for BRC at the local park run, marshalling at our club 10k, I could go on, but I think that’s enough.

5. Proudest running moment.

Running on the Olympic track at the Diamond Jubilee relay, I felt like a proper athlete. Completing my first London Marathon in 2016, until I got to The Mall, I thought anything can go wrong, but then when you see the finish line and you realise that, Yes, I’m going to finish the Marathon, it felt very surreal. I started a running club at work, we had so much fun.

6. Best bit of running advice you have been given?

On a long race, respect the distance and just run the mile you are in, also I think it was the lovely Ken Bench who would always tell me to “Run your own race”, don’t worry about what the rest of the field are doing, I think about this often when on the start line of many tough races. I’d also have to agree with my fellow buddy, the lovely Lorna, to treat yourself to a sports massage, especially after long hard races, I’d swear by them.


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