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Member profile- Jackie Dodwell

Extra special BRC members profile today.


Today is long standing club member Jackie Dodwell’s (Woodroffe) birthday.

We couldn’t not celebrate her birthday and her as a person by highlighting her in a member profile.

Happy birthday Jackie


1. Please Briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Jackie Dodwell ( previously Woodroffe!) I was lucky enough to get married last September.

I joined TGT in October 2004 after a friend at work suggested . I started running at age 25 but didn’t join a club until I was in my 40s

2. What events if any do you have coming up?

I don’t have any events coming up but I’m enjoying being out running and cycling in the fresh air. I’m really enjoy running off road as long as I stay upright. I’m known for taking a few tumbles😥

3. What does running mean to you?

Running keeps me sane. It has got me through the break up of my first marriage and the death of my partner Malcolm. It always makes me feel better. I’m not the fastest but that doesn’t matter .

4. What is your best BRC memory?

There are so many. I have loved being part of the team who work on the water station at the London Marathon: marshalling at club events. Bring part of the ladies cross country team and not forgetting the Christmas Parties and Hash runs

5. Proudest running moment?

Completing 2 marathons ( Paris & Barcelona) I never thought I could do it.

6. Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given.

Always go back for the last runner because they are working the hardest.

Happy birthday Jackie.

If you have anyone who you think should be a member profile. Please get in touch.



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