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Considerate covid running

Please run considerately.

We know all you BRC members already do and this doesn’t really apply to you brilliant people.

Recently there has been a bit of backlash in the media about runners in covid times.

You must have seen it.

You are out running and someone up ahead sees you coming and instead of simply letting you move aside or stepping aside themselves, they fling themselves into the nearest wall/bush/doorway/other pedestrian while covering their mouths as if you are breathing out pure covid.

Remember as we are moving faster than walkers and it’s not a race we are the ones who should be considerate and move out of their way.

We should be the ones to stop them going into full panic attack mode.

I know this doesn’t really have to be said, but maybe running up the busiest street isn’t the best idea.

Remember pedestrians panic when they see you coming.

Sadly a few articles in the media and on TV and leading media figures have chastised runners for being arrogant and inconsiderate to pedestrians.

Of course we already are being considerate and the runners in Brentwood are a picture of good health and running etiquette.

But we have to post something to acknowledge what is going on in other places.

Keep running, keep healthy, keep fit and let’s not do anything for people to complain about Team BRC or any members.

The onus is on the runner to be extra considerate.

You are all doing brilliantly. 💚💚💚


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