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BRC member profile. 💚

This weeks member profile is none ofher than BRC’s very own Keith Thornton.


1. Please briefly introduce yourself.

I'm Keith Thornton and I currently run with the lovely ladies and gents of A group. I have been running for 38 years on and off and have played football to an appallingly low standard. I started out with Havering AC and ran track for them back in the day. I joined TGT after moving to Brentwood in 2000. I am also a UKA qualified coach.

2. What events, if any do you have coming up?

I was due to run the Rome marathon in 2020 with Marijke Van Eetvelde, but have now deferred until 2022. I have some UK based half Marathons, but if they will go ahead is anybody's guess. Would be happy with a Parkrun right now!

3. What does running mean to you?

Running to me is time to think and process. It used to be time away from the phone, but now it's phones and screens. It was also about spending time with like minded friends. Hopefully we can get back to that sometime soon?

4. What is your best BRC memory.

Undoubtedly being a Gamesmaker at London 2012. We worked hard, did the club proud and had a lot of laughs. Buy me a pint and I'll tell you some stories.......It was bitter sweet though, because it was also when we found out Graham Deacon was unwell.

5. Proudest running moment.

Running on the Olympic track. It was only at the end of one of the Newham 5 mile or 10K races but it was pretty special none the less.

6. Best bit of running advice you have been given?

Enjoy your running while you can and look after yourself.

Time flies by.


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