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Back with a bang


Hopefully everyone has received an email from Steve Birkett regarding our return to running.

The following is what we are currently as of today allowed to do.

For us to be able to run legally and safely the following has to be adhered to:

* run in groups of 6 (has to include a run leader)

* each runner has had to have filled their covid waiver and sent it back to club Secretary Ken

* be a current club member

* adhere to Social distancing

* pre book their club run with their respective group leader (done via WhatsApp)

* each group of 6 meets in a different location.

* don’t run if you have symptoms or are feeling unwell.

All info is in the follow photos.

If anyone needs any new information please contact us or comment on here.

New member enquiries. Please email

We welcome new members, but due to covid rules you have got to be a club member to run with us and we can only run as many groups as we have qualified run leaders available.

However our membership is massively reduced currently.

Come May we can hopefully run in larger groups of up to 30 which should be a game changer and almost a return to normality.

Lastly, remember we may be inspected by the covid police. So we have to be hot on our rules and regs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.



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