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Member profile - Eloise Smith

Happy bank holiday Monday.

Another Monday means another brilliant profile.

This week it’s none other than Eloise Smith.


1. Please Briefly introduce yourself.

Hi! I’m Eloise and have been part of BRC since 2019 when I moved to Brentwood. I am a qualified PT (@EloiseFitness) and running coach and got the bug for running in 2019 when I realised how much it was benefitting my physical and mental health.

2. What events if any do you have coming up?

I have a Good For Age place in the London marathon in October but I’m expecting my first baby in August - so events are on hold for now!

3. What does running mean to you?

It’s a cliche - but running saved me! I started running after my Dad died in 2011 and I was struggling with depression and anxiety. It became part of coping with grief; something consistent to focus on, something to get me up and outside, and something to be proud of. Since then it’s become a way of life, and helped me realise that my body and mind is capable of more than I ever imagined. The running community are also the most welcoming group of people, and joining a club helped me overcome some social anxiety, meet new people and make new friends. It’s also a passion which I love to help others find meaning in too.

4. What is your best BRC memory?

I really loved my first cross country season in 2019 - running as part of such a supportive team and really pushing myself in something totally new was a huge amount of fun (although I remember very painful at the time - cross country is brutal!)

5. Proudest running moment?

Crossing the line in my first ever marathon - the London Marathon in 2014. I ran for charity in memory of my Dad and it meant so much to finish feeling strong and achieve a Good For Age time - I really felt like he was there with me on the final stretch down the mall! There’s really no finish line like it. And I’ve since gone on to do about 16 other marathons (but sadly never felt as good as I felt during that first one!)

6. Best bit of running advice you could give or have been given.

It’s simple advice - run your own race. Don’t compare yourself, your training, your body, or your goals to anyone else. I’ve fallen into this trap so many times, but if you just focus on what works for you the enjoyment and results will come.


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